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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. Here's where I will be discussing life with a terminal diagnosis, specifically a brain tumor known as glioblastoma, or GBM. I had surgery to remove the tumor from my left temporal lobe, deep inside. I have stories all about treatment, recovery, and living life despite the bad news.

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Jan 15, 2018


This is Episode 022 of Glioblast‑O‑Cast. What about working after brain tumor surgery

Hello, and welcome to Glioblast‑O‑Cast, the podcast about my life beyond glioblastoma.  I'm your host, Meg Turecek. 

In this episode I answer the question, What about working after brain tumor surgery? On my show page are some links for financial concerns. 

Just prior to my seizure that started me on the GBM journey, I remember my attention to detail as a freelance graphic designer was really slipping. I was making careless mistakes and my concentration was flighty.

And after surgery and during chemo and radiation, well, I was just not fit to perform at my best. To continue working after brain surgery just wasn’t in the cards.

I found this especially hard as a freelancer, wearing many work hats on each project. I didn’t have any accrued sick time.

But my focus was not what anyone would accept from a contract worker. Trying to concentrate on work just added to my brain frustrations, increased forgetfulness, and stress.

As hard as the decision was to end my freelance work, I really didn’t have another option. My focus needed to be re-routed towards recovery and finding new treatments for a very difficult to treat situation.

I know some glioblastoma warriors have no options to stop working, but for me, I’m convinced that stopping stress associated with work has helped in my recovery.

I am able to take the moments when I’m able to focus and channel that brain power towards my long side-tracked dreams of writing.

It’s a very different situation to focus on basically hobbies as opposed to the responsibilities and energy needed for work as at a professional level.

Thankfully, in the USA, Social Security Disability applies to glioblastoma. And is technically fast-tracked for approval due to the terminal status. And that Social Security Disability has really helped.

I know for some, that’s either not possible or just not enough for living expenses and the big medical costs of brain tumor treatment. Some have to try to work. And I have seen some with helpful and understanding employers.

But if none of this is possible, there are some charities that can assist with certain costs.

Please check out my show page for financial assistance links.

You can always check out my Episode 008: Did I try crowdfunding? Because for some of us GBM warriors we need a village to care and help.


Thanks for listening. This has been Glioblast-O-Cast Episode 22.


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USA Social Security links:

Several long lists of help organizations:

Episode 008: Did I try crowdfunding?